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Organic Lavender Buds | Natural dried loose lavender flower petals

$ 4

Get these culinary grade certified organic lavender buds that are fresh and fragrant and perfect for sachets, decoration, cooking & edible dessert garnishment, soap making, natural confetti, and so much more. We hand-picked these certified organic lavender buds & petals to ensure quality and fragrance. 
Lavender flower buds have a wonderful aroma and are well known to calm and relax the senses. Give lavender bags or sachets as a very easy and wonderful homemade gift. The scent lasts for months and you may revive it with lavender essential oils.
  • Sold in different pack sizes.
  • Pack size options:
    1/2 oz (approx. 1/2 cup);
    1 oz (approx. 1 cup);
    2 oz (approx. 2 cups);
    4 oz (1/4 lb, approx. 4 cups);
    8 oz (1/2 lb, approx. 8 cups);
    12 oz (3/4 lb, approx. 12 cups);
    16 oz (1 lb, approx. 16 cup).
  • Certified organic grown in USA
  • Color: Soft gray blending to subtle greenish blue
  • (Optional) Mixed organic dried lavender & Premium Organic Lavender Essential Oil.
  • Compostable & Eco Friendly

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