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Our Story

Arcadia Designs is a Wedding & Party Shop. We help our client to create stunning events with beautiful details and a delicate personal touch. We design and produce decorative products, embellishment supplies and party favors. If you don't see what you desire in our online shop and you like what we stand for, please contact us. Bringing meaning to your important life moments is what we do, and what we love!

All of our products are handpicked for their design and high quality. Our collection of handmade goods are exclusive to Arcadia Designs. We work hard to source innovative and reusable products to meet your needs.

About Joey Chung

Joey Chung launched Arcadia Designs much to her surprise. She worked as a building engineer until 2007. When she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, she took classes in design, art and architecture. Fascinated by this knowledge of the artistic world, Joey was inspired to start her own event design and party supplies company with true passion.

In 2013, Arcadia Designs was launched. Joey is the owner, creative director and crafter for Arcadia Designs.