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About Us

[ A R ● C A ● D I ● A ]

Any real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity.

This word presents our goal in creating delightful and elegant Weddings and Parties in your fairyland.  Arcadia Designs specializes in customized events and decorations. We introduce variety of themes to integrate you and your loved one's personalities and wishes into your next party or wedding.

We’re big believers in filling your day with details that have real meaning to you.

All of our products are hand picked for their design and high quality. Our collection of handmade goods are exclusive to Arcadia Designs LLC. We work hard to source innovative and reusable products to meet our customers' needs.

Arcadia Designs works with local artisans and craftspeople who are stay-home moms and retired seniors. They have sophisticated hand crafted skills and deeply care about how and what they are producing. The goal for this cooperative production plan is to regard the ageing population and to repay our communities. We hope to spread your generosity and benefit these communities with flexible home working opportunities and incomes.

The belief of authentic celebration and integrating love and personal uniqueness drives us to deviate from the norm and design delightfully unexpected and personal weddings and parties.  We take special care in approaching your favorite colors, flowers, seasons, pets, sports, foods, movies, love story memories or whatever you wish, to custom-build your unconventional dream wedding and event to a reality. Behind the scenes, we thrive to provide you with the handmade wedding details in alternative ways to build your celebration.

Arcadia Designs is a Wedding & Party Shop. We help people create stunning events with beautiful details and a delicate personal touch. We design and produce decorative items, embellishment supplies and party favors. If you don't see what you need in our online shop but you like what we stand for, please contact us and let's talk. Bringing meaning to your important life moments is what we do, and what we love!

meet Joey Chung,

Joey Chung launched Arcadia Designs much to her surprise. She never imagined she would become a event designer. Joey grew up in Hong Kong and was a building Engineer until 2007. When Joey moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. She took classes in art, design and architecture. Fascinated by this knowledge of the artistic world, Joey was inspired to try her hands and start her own event design and party supplies company with true passion. Joey chose to leave her career in engineering and synchronize with her 10 years project management skill to perform large scale event preparation and coordination.

In 2013, Arcadia Designs was launched. Joey is the owner, creative director and crafter for Arcadia Designs.